Briar Craig

Briar Craig is primarily a printmaker and produces superbly crafted screenprints using the words and images of popular culture. His work attempts to make personal sense out of the barrage of imagery and information that we are bombarded with every day. Committed to contemporary printmaking, both theory and practice, and interactive installation, he uses bold graphic design and typography to convey his ideas. His sometimes simple images belie the complexity of their making – for each of his prints Briar uses up to fifteen different screens and prints over 35 colours. He received his BFA from Queen’s University and MVA from the University of Alberta. After graduation in 1987, he taught at the University of Minnesota in Morris before moving to Kelowna to teach at the Okanagan University College, now the Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia. In his teaching he has focused on printmaking, drawing and photography. His work has been widely exhibited in Canada and abroad in the United States, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Taiwan, Korea and elsewhere.